August 3, 2015, evening: Stopped again

We are stopped again. Can’t get into the fjord through the ridged ice. We need reconnaissance flights, but clouds are now moving in; we heard it is snowing on the Canadian side. We are being very careful on the ship because we are entering regions that have no data on sea floor depths (bathymetry) – ship captains hate that. Some of the places we are going have never been mapped, and there may be uncharted shallows. We must have space to maneuver the ship, and we must have contingencies for loss of power and drift from wind and currents. This is very difficult in ice, even if we can break through. The wind is unfortunately not helping us… it is stacking up the ice at the entrance to Petermann Fjord.

We saw another polar bear on the sea ice near Hans Island (the disputed territory between Canada and Denmark) – this one from a distance.  Skirmishes about sovereignty over Hans Island consist of leaving a case of Molson (Canada) or Carlsberg (Denmark) to taunt the enemy.



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