August 3, 2015, early morning: Outside Petermann Fjord

After a bit more ice dancing, we are almost there, looking at the entrance to Petermann. The view is absolutely stunning. Ice cascades down 3000 foot vertical walls, rising out of a frozen sea. Icebergs small icebergs are splitting off the glacier front. Freezing fog this morning, and now brilliant sunshine but 40 knot catabatic winds are roaring off the glacier preventing full launch of land teams. Winds along the fjord are pushing heavily ridged ice out to the mouth, where it is pressing against ice blown northward in Kennedy Channel, all crushing together near Hall land. So we can’t get into the fjord yet and are being cautious — if we go in we want to make sure we can get out. We did send a reconnaissance team onto the ice shelf, but they had to fly over the mountains to get there, rather than up the fjord, to stay out of the wind. They will camp on the ice and report the winds in the morning. We are headed back out into Hall Basin where there is some open water for clear mapping, maybe coring. We really had to get out of the ice convergence zone to get some work done. We’ve already found some fabulous sites for coring, better than our wildest dreams. We are in wonderland.


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