August 5, 2015, morning: Tired

Digging for Clams

I have been working for 22 hours straight, and need some sleep. Today I helicoptered over the ridge through a network of glacial valleys, and down the narrow, steep Bessel’s Fjord for reconnaissance. Then we revisited the delta we partially mapped yesterday, and hiked several miles up old beach deposits to the glacier. How do we know they are beach deposits? Clam shells! After this mapping, I helicoptered onto the middle of the ice shelf to check on the drilling team, then back to the ship, where we continued our back-and-forth surveying all night. The quality of the bathymetric map is extraordinary. Now we know where to core. Talked to the boulder team via satellite radio, and gave them the reconnaissance from yesterday; they need a helicopter to get to their far-flung sites today. Now a bit of sleep while the survey continues, and the helicopter convoy supplies the ice-shelf team and helps the boulder team. Much to do.


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