August 9, 2015: Icing up. Core up.

Back in the fjord today, trying to core some shallow steps on the sea floor. But a wicked wind from the north brought icy weather and blew sea ice back into the fjord, packing in on us. We did manage to core the sea floor several times, while helicopters were out at boulder camp, dropping off the beach team for a day in Hall Land, and getting organized for moving the Ice camp to the Petermann Grounding Line. Big excitement of the day was collecting the core taken from the deep sea floor beneath the ice shelf. Actually not “core” but “cores” – the wizards from British Antarctic Survey first took a short test core, then two longer ones. We sent a sediment expert out to help archive the materials, and she returned with three perfect cores – the first three ever taking through an ice shelf in Greenland (the system had previously been used in Antarctica).

Kelly with Ice Cores

The ice shelf team also installed temperature and salinity loggers beneath the ice shelf, and one of our high-resolution “GPS” stations that record the ice shelf going up and down with the tides.  Through the day more and more ice packed into Petermann Fjord, so Oden  made its way out carefully.  Again tonight we are mapping the sea floor in Hall Basin.  Can’t see Canada tonight, it is cloudy and raining – could turn to freezing rain or snow.



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